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Simmering-Cory Iowa Codification (SCIC) is a private firm that specializes in assisting local governments in Iowa with their planning and codification needs.  As an almost 40-year-old company we pride ourselves on being dedicated partners for each of our clients.  Our experience in the industry as well as the experience of our staff, some of whom have direct experience working for citizens in Iowa cities help give us a unique perspective to see the challenges faced by our clients whether they are a City of 15,000 or a City of 60 people.

Simmering-Cory Iowa Codification is dedicated to the success of our clients whether its through obtaining grant funds or updating their local Code of Ordinances.  We currently are serving over 400 individual cities and counties in the State of Iowa.  We only provide service to cities and counties in the State of Iowa and enjoy knowing that we are making a difference in the State and in each client city or county.  Iowa is a great state built around 99 great counties and 900+ unique cities.  Our firm can travel to your location as needed from our two offices located in Storm Lake and Clear Lake, Iowa.

We provide our clients with a number of services including the following main service lines:

Codification Services

We provide our clients, both Iowa Cities and Counties, with a full range of codification services including, development of new codes, updates to existing codes of ordinances, legislative changes, online codes, and regular supplementing of codes.  We can also help our clients by providing samples of ordinances, assist with drafting ordinances, and providing code language.

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Grant Writing & Administration

A key element of our service to our clients is grant writing and grant administration services.  While a majority of our grant writing and administration services are in the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program we also assist clients with services related to other grant programs.

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Planning Services

In addition to the codification services, grant writing, and grant administration services we also provide our clients with other needed planning services.  These services include the development of new Urban Renewal Plans (TIF) and Urban Revitalization Plans (tax abatement).  We also work with clients to provide amendments to their existing Urban Renewal and Urban Revitalization Plans.

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